Are White Snow Blowers Really That Good?

White Outdoors - Boasted to be one of the most popular snow blower manufacturing companies in the world their experience dates back to 1887 from where they initially only built farming equipment like tractors but fast forward into the 19th century and bring with them all that experience and what you’ve got is a company that proudly builds their White snow blowers to last and offer great value while being available at affordable prices. Be rest assured that when you’re buying white snow blowers you’ll own a machine that loves to eat snow day after day and never gets worn down or tired.

Back in the 1800’s their main focus and target demographic use to be farmers that needed durable and tough farming equipment and as time went on they progressed to developing steam powered tractors that helped to push them into the 19th century with great success. They soon found a valuable market demand for snow blowers and quickly employed the use of single stage and two stage snow blowers. Their current main products include:

• White Snow Blower

• Tillers

• Zero Turn Riders, and

• Lawn Mowers

Single stage snow blowers work on the principle of employing a single device called an impeller to serve two purposes namely, suck up and crush the snow and then throwing it out of a discharge chute at distances of up to 20 feet in some models. Take note that most of their designs are electrically powered rather than using gas or diesel which can be harmful to the environment. Their single stage models all have a clearing width of 21 inches and a height of 10 inches. The discharge chute is capable of a full 180 degree rotation and boasts an easy to start push button as opposed to older push start models found in other brands.

A Two stage White snow blower is built using a two stage process – hence the name – whereby an Auger is installed and mounted on the front which scoops or sucks up the snow and crushes it which in turn is then processed and blown out with the use of an Impeller at distances which measure up to 45 feet. It’s important to note here that White Outdoors specializes in mostly two stage operated white snow blowers that are best used for moderate to heavy duty snow clearing purposes.

White outdoors two stage snow blowers also offer some very comfortable features:

• Horse Power between 5.5 and up to 10.5 HP

• Up to 28 inch clearing width

• Up to 22 inch intake height

• Body moulded Headlight

• Easy electric start

• 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds for ultimate control

• 180 degree chute rotation

• 2 year Residential Warranty

As with any snow blowers consider buying spare parts to have on hand in the likely event of a malfunction or breakage caused by frequent use. Take care of your white snow blowers and it’ll take care of you.